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Last week, Jess Hilarious landed in the hot seat once again. Social media this time took issue when the comedian attempted to call out the cancel culture, but quickly had her trending and plenty of people had an opinion. Cancel culture seems even more prevalent today, and has sparked the debate as too is it right?

We had Jess join us on video conference this week for her to weigh in on the backlash and give her a chance to comment on what she was trying to say. She also explains to Lore’l why she felt the need and say something in defense of Queen Naija, and learning from some of the past mistakes that she’s made.

”I see that Tee Grizzly and Queen Naija have a song together that they created for Black Lives Matter”, Jess said. “But when you look in the comments, all see is comments about ‘ain’t she a colorists’ and negativity like that, but who cares? I thought the point was to support the movement?!”

We touch on this not being the first time Jess has been “cancelled”, and she feels that she’s in a no win position. “If I post something about George Floyd, they say I’m clout chasing. If I don’t say anything, they say I don’t care.” There where fans who agreed with Jess’s rant, calling out Black Twitter for being quick to cancel Black celebrities but not companies and their white counterparts. She feels that people just like to take issue with what she’s says partly because she’s the one saying it.

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Check out the full interview with us on The Morning Hustle, where we also discuss her past and present love life, stand up comedy, and what projects she plans to put out this year. Watch the full interview and let us know in the comment section about your thoughts on what she had to say, and if you believe in the idea of “cancel culture.”

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Jess Hilarious Calls Out Cancel Culture For Celebrities Speaking Against Protests, Black Twitter Claps Back
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