Studies show women and racial minorities are 30% more likely to experience misdiagnosis than their white male counterparts. Researchers call it an urgent health problem.

A racist kidney transplant test caused delays in Black patients receiving the transplants that they needed. Now, that's being corrected. The post More Than 14,000 Black Patients Moved Up Kidney Transplant List After Racist Medical Test Stalled Them appeared first on NewsOne.

Here's Tips On How To Travel Smart With Type 1 Diabetes! Get advice from two Black Women Type 1 Diabetics. Watch here...

Get real advice from Type 1 Diabetic moms on the differences in C-Section and Vaginal deliveries, how their pregnancies lowered their A1Cs plus more.

COVID-19 hospitalizations have risen across the United States, according to data compiled. Epidemiologists note that while wastewater shows an increase in the virus, there may be nothing to worry about due to immunity and vaccinations in the population.

This is an unfortunate day in America for many women. The U.S. Supreme Court voted Friday to ban Roe vs. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that guaranteed the right to an abortion. In the 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that “the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion.” Abortion laws and restrictions vary […]

Led by the Black Mamas Matter Alliance, Black Maternal Health Week is celebrated April 11-17. It falls within April, which is also National Minority Health Month.  

It's unfortunately being reported that indoor mask mandates in the City of Brotherly Love are being reinforced once again after Philadelphia saw a 50% increase in COVID infections in just the past 10 days.


Though it won't be the last case to be detected, doctors say the flurona shouldn't be a cause of concern but rather a reminder that people mask up and do what they can to avoid getting sick while out in public.

Many Indigenous folks curve the false narrative (the Indians and Pilgrims had a happy feast, yeah right) of the holiday and instead have been observing the National Day of Mourning.