Natosha “Tony” McDade was killed when officers from the Tallahassee Pice Department opened fire for allegedly having a gun pointed at them.

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez along with his camera crew was arrested live on television Friday morning.

In a red-eye tweet Friday morning, President Donald Trump threatened to shoot Minneapolis protestors if the Mayor didn't get the protesting under control.

According KSTP,  a south Minneapolis club owner said Derek Chauvin and George Floyd both worked security at a night club with overlapping shifts up to the end of last year.

A third night of protests in Minneapolis erupt, protesting the death of George Floyd. Protestors continued to set fire to more businesses throughout the night as Police were nowhere on the scene.

Christian Cooper, the man a white woman in Central Park falsely called the cops on over Memorial Day, is asking people to stop sending her death threats. 

A white man in Minnesota woke up feeling dumb after losing his office space for not minding his business. On Wednesday (May 28), the owners of Top Figure, a Black-owned Minneapolis-based social media and branding agency, were exercising in the gym of their co-opted professional building when they were approached by Tom Austin, the managing partner of F2 Group, who threatened to call the police on the group because he didn't feel "they belonged." The exchange, which was caught on video and posted by Top Figure to Instagram, shows Austin questioning the three men about their office location before pulling out his phone to call the police. in the caption, the men explain in further detail why the questioning was asinine pointing out that the office space requires key cards to enter any space in the building that can only be obtained by being a tenant in the building.

Many people have been breaking into Targets around the city to cause a riot but there was somebody in the way.. Wheelchair Karen.

Arizona man Dimitri Mills, works for Door Dash where he encountered an angry customer for the ages.

Facebook isn't really anyone's favorite social media network to use, its creator Mark Zuckerberg didn't help his creation win any more points after a FOX News interview.