Devin Brown will become the first Black woman to kayak solo down the Mississippi River, which begins at Lake Itasca and extends to the Gulf of Mexico. The post Devin Brown Set To Become 1st Black Woman To Kayak Down The Mississippi River From Start To Finish appeared first on NewsOne.

Two white Walmart employees accused Black Oregon resident, Ryan Redditt, of stealing a vacuum during a July 11, 2023, incident. However, security footage and transaction records proved that he purchased the item. The post Racial Profiling Lawsuit Claims Walmart Accused Black Man Of Stealing Before Admitting He Didn’t appeared first on NewsOne.


Texas officials formally recommended a gubernatorial pardon for Daniel Perry after he was convicted of murder during a BLM protest. The post Parole Board ‘Unanimously’ Says Murderer Who Drove Into BLM Protesters And Shot 1 To Death Should Be Pardoned appeared first on NewsOne.

LOS GATOS, Calif. — If you enjoy kicking back on Christmas Day and watching the NFL, you won’t be going to any traditional television station. You’ll have to fire up your Netflix account. In a press release Wednesday, Netflix announced it has signed a three-season streaming deal with the National Football League. Each of the […] The post Netflix to Air NFL Christmas Day Games Live in 3 Season Streaming Deal appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.


WASHINGTON, D.C.–President Biden says he’s accepted an invitation from CNN to debate Donald Trump on June 27th. In a post on X, Biden said he accepted the offer and challenged the former president to agree to the debate. He wrote, “over to you, Donald. As you said: anywhere, any time, any place.” Biden in a […] The post Biden Says He Accepted CNN Debate Invitation For June 27 To Face Trump appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM.

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What the current downsizing moment should tell everyone who is a Black journalist, writer or creative is that for all the challenges being faced, there is also the opportunity to demonstrate incredible muscularity, resilience and adaptability. The post Career Pivots For Out Of Work Black Journalists appeared first on NewsOne.

It’s been two years since a white supremacist tragically killed 10 Black people in a Buffalo supermarket and hate crimes are still up. The post Hate Crimes Targeting Black People Still On The Rise 2 Years After Racist Buffalo Shooting appeared first on NewsOne.

VP Kamala Harris sent words of wisdom and encouragement to graduating HBCU students during their commencement ceremonies this week. The post VP Kamala Harris Delivers Surprise Video To HBCU Students For Their Commencement Ceremonies appeared first on NewsOne.

Civil Rights leader and journalist Daisy Bates was honored with a statue unveiled Wednesday in the U.S. Capitol. The post Civil Rights Icon Daisy Bates Honored With Statue In U.S. Capitol appeared first on NewsOne.

Black women face a 40% increased risk of mortality from breast cancer despite having a 4% lower incidence rate of breast cancer compared to white women. Some types of cancer, such as triple-negative breast cancer — an aggressive form of the disease — is  more prevalent among Black women and tends to be harder to treat. This can contribute to poorer outcomes compared to other racial and ethnic groups. The post New Study To Evaluate Why Black Women Face Higher Mortality Rates From Cancer appeared first on NewsOne.