Super Bowl LVII may be set, but NFL conspiracy theorists are still in full effect. This time it’s not about Damar Hamlin’s body double but how the league as a whole isn’t genuinely competitive because it’s rigged. The theory comes from former NFL player Arian Foster‘s recent appearance on Barstool Sports podcast Macrodosing. Host PFT Commentator […]

Sorry to disappoint you, conspiracy theorists, but Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin is very much alive and healing from the cardiac incident that derailed his season and almost ended his life on Monday Night Football. On Jan. 2, when the Bills met the Cincinnati Bengals at Paycor Stadium, Hamlin, the Bills starting safety in place […]

Baller spoke about the new podcast being a way for nonprofessional golfers to be able to talk about the sport in a more relaxed way.

The Los Angeles Lakers and their fans have a legit beef with NBA officiating.

Marcus Stokes lost his scholarship for rapping the n-word in a viral video. HBCU Albany State is now offering him a spot on their team.

Twitter isn't surprised Matt Barnes spit at his fiancée’s ex outside an NFL stadium. But Barnes says he wasn't looking for the altercation to escalate.

Today marks three years since the passing of Kobe Bryant. NBA Twitter mourns and celebrates the NBA legend with #RIPBean on social media.

Jalen Rose made tweets about a "fake troll" and the Dallas Cowboys, which has fans wondering if he is referring to ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith.