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Ari Lennox Performs At Electric Ballroom, London

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Ari Lennox doesn’t need any qualifiers from us regarding her looks, but she is one of the most beautiful singers on the planet. An online troll took a swing at Lennox and Teyana Taylor‘s looks, and she put the clown in place along with several others on Twitter.

The Dreamville songstress was most likely minding her business and getting into the new year just fine when Twitter user @WinEverUwantIT compared the Dreamville songstress and Taylor to rottweilers.

“Ari Lennox and Teyana Taylor’s ability to have dangerously high sex appeal while simultaneously looking like rottweilers will always amaze me,” read the backhanded comment.

Perhaps he was looking for a little attention from Lennox and surely got it after she responded in short order.

“People hate blackness so bad,” Lennox wrote in a retweet caption featuring the offending tweet. She followed the missive with, “Moms and Dads please love on your beautiful black children. Tell them they’re beautiful constantly. Tell them Black people are beautiful. Tell them black features are beautiful.”

Amen to that.

Because Twitter is Twitter, some jerks seemingly threw rocks and hid their hands in support of @WinEverUwantIT’s hamhanded tweet but overall that noise is getting shut down by both fans of Lennox and Taylor, and by Black women period.

We’re pretty sure that if a woman who looked like Lennox or Taylor stepped to the person who made the tweet, he’d swiftly find himself out of his league.

Via Twitter, Ari Lennox’s name is trending along with Teyana Taylor’s name. We’ve got the best of the reactions below.

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