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Ceaser Wants A Piece of Rok & Krystal's Business

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This week on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser wants a piece of Rok and Krystal’s pie, and if they don’t, he won’t feel any qualms about putting them out of business.

Kyrstal’s Replacement, Nychelle, Introduces Herself To The Crew

Last week Ceaser introduced Krystal’s replacement Nychelle. The tattoo artist/rapper from Texas wasn’t greeted warmly by the ladies of Black Ink, but the fellas weren’t mad, and who can blame them?

Nychelle eventually won over Young Bae because she already had clients coming into the shop on her first day. After Bux and Alex drooled over the bootylicious tattoo artist, they took her to get some authentic New York pizza.

Nychelle wasn’t too impressed with the pizza, but she did bond with her new coworkers, who broke down the Black Ink Commandments for her.

Later in the episode, we learn that Nychelle went back home, so we’re not sure if we will see her again on the show during this unique season.

Rok & Krystal Feel Ceaser Is Doing Too Much

While shopping for a stone to upgrade Krystal’s “promise ring,” Rok and his boo discuss the fallout from Ceaser, accusing them of eating from his table to start their shop.

They both think it was not cool for their “boss” to ask for a cut from their shop because they feel they are not using the Black Ink brand to boost their shop.

She even points out that both she and Rok tattoo their notable clients in the Black Ink shop and not at God of Ink.

Krystal feels Rok isn’t doing enough to address the situation on their behalf, so Rok decides to talk with Ceaser.

Rok stops by the shop for that conversation, and it takes some time, but he tells Ceaser that he thinks the idea of them giving him a cut or putting Black Ink on their brand is unfair.

Ceaser hears him but stands firm in his stance and takes things further by telling Rok he could build another shop in New Jersey and put him out of business.

Bux Uses Black Ink Cares To Bring Awareness To Sickle Cell Anemia

Bux reveals he has sickle cell anemia, which has made his life challenging. He speaks with Ceaser about having a Black Ink Cares event to give out free tattoos to those affected by the terrible disease.

Bux breaks into tears during his confessional after sharing that doctors told him he wouldn’t live to see 19. So that’s why this event is so close to his heart, and he greatly appreciated that the Black Ink Crew and Ceaser helped him with the event.

Teddy’s Dad Suddenly Passes Away

While celebrating “his child’s” (his dog) first birthday, he tells his “wife,” Euni, that his father suddenly passed away, messing up his chance to reach out to him.

Teddy links up with his brother, and the two discuss their father’s passing. Teddy’s brother tells him to take solace in their father being a good man despite him not being in their lives as much as he should have been. Also, Teddy’s brother says their dad just wanted to see his children happy.

You can peep more reactions to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty

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