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Last week Ceaser and the rest of the Black Ink Crew: New York returned, and so did the drama. This week, more turmoil within the ranks left the tattoo shop mogul feeling betrayed.

Ceaser Holds A Struggle Press Conference, Teddy Flakes On Him

The episode opens up with Ceaser flanked by his mother Desiree and his girlfriend Suzette as he prepares to begin his press conference addressing the shenanigans going on between himself and his daughter’s mother Crystal. During his confessional, Ceaser reveals he never decided to speak publicly about the incident until now because he wants to tell his side of the story. Understandably, Ceaser is worried about if he is making the right decision, and he gets some reassurance from his mom, who tells him that she has never seen him harm his daughter and that she is proud to be his mother.

With a new sense of confidence, Ceaser is ready to speak. Suzette points out that someone is missing, that someone is Ted, who told his cousin who would be by his side during all of this. Ceaser is confused and visibly hurt by his lazy cousin’s absence. Still, he is incredibly appreciative about his mother being there, especially because she has undergone numerous brain surgeries and traveling from Orlando is difficult because she cannot fly.

Teddy Explains Why He Flaked On His Cousin

While the rest of the crew, including Walt, got the message that the struggle press conference via Instagram Live is about to begin, we see Teddy ultimately chose his dog over his Ceaser. Walt is still an outcast among the crew after sticking his hands in the cookie jar (stealing money out of the register) is watching Ceaser painfully talk about the situation between himself, his daughter, and her mother. Walt tells Jess that watching the situation spiral out of control between Ceaser and Cheyenne is sad. Walt sees this as an opportunity to reach out to his former boss and friend to see if they can squash their issues.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, it’s a daddy “daughter” day for Teddy, who opts to take his new pup for grooming instead of being by his cousin’s side. During his confessional, when asked why he opted not to be at the press conference, he told the producer, “Are you f*cking kidding me? Do you see this sh*t? I refuse to stand next to Cease while he does this dumb sh*t. This is not the way to get your daughter back.”

Typical Teddy, always flopping and ghosting people when they need him the most.

Ceaser & Walt’s Friendship Is Still Cooked… For Now

After seeing Walt reach out to him and show support while Teddy ghosted him, Ceaser decided to take up his former employee’s offer to meet up for a discussion. While this seems like a step in the right direction, the meet-up wound up driving a deeper wedge between Ceaser and Walt. After listening to Walt explain that he didn’t steal $5,000 and confess to taking $400 to catch up in child support cases, Ceaser understands that he still hasn’t forgiven Walt.

Literally looking at Walt’s mouth move and letting the words go in one ear and out the other, Ceaser tells Walt once again he is no longer welcomed in any of his shops, and he is out of the crew, again. There is no ill will, and they both wish each other well. We won’t be shocked if these two eventually patch things up. Puma tried to hit Ceaser over the head with a bottle, and they are cool again, so there is always hope for Walt and Ceaser.

Tatti Decides To Hold A BBQ To Build Team Morale & Tell Ceaser About Her New Legal Woes

Black Ink 125th’s new manager Tatti wants to lighten the mood around the company and decides a bbq at her crib is the best way to do that. Now, if you have been watching this show for years, these gatherings never really go smoothly, but surprisingly this one did.

Puma decided to use the BBQ to pull Spyder and Rok to the side for a much-needed conversation. Puma tells Rok that he and Krystal have been showing up late to work a lot, and they need to tighten up. Rok does agree and promises to correct that issue. Puma also points out that Spyder was very out of character for how he was acting at the shop. Spyder tells Rok and Puma that he has been under a lot of stress due to his medical issues. The two men come to an understanding and apologize to each other. Look at Puma bringing people together.

Tatti nervously pulls Ceaser to the side to have the conversation she was dreading the most. She reveals the new legal woes that she claims directly result from authorities allegedly tapping her phone. Surprisingly, Ceaser takes the news very well, understands what his new manager is going through, and reassures her that she has his support.

Crisis adverted, Tatti gets to keep her newly obtained position.

Teddy Explains His Heada** Reasoning For Not Being At The Press Conference

Teddy and Ceaser finally link up, and the excuses quickly. Ted tells Ceaser his reasoning for not being there because he still has a solid relationship with Cheyenne and wants to remain neutral. Ted feels he can serve as the bridge that eventually brings Cheyenne and Ceaser back together. He also thought the press conference was just a bad look, and honestly, it was, BUT you told your cousin you would be there, and you decided the best course of action was to flake and not explain your reasoning for not showing up.

Teddy also feels suing Crystal is not the wisest move, but he still wants to be there for Ceaser. Honestly, Ceaser shouldn’t be taking any advice from this man, but they squash whatever beef they have, and the episode ends.

As expected, the streets are talking about this latest episode of Black Ink Crew: New York. You can peep them in the gallery below.

Photo: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

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