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We would like to preface this post by saying that not only should Bobby Shmurda date who he wants, it’s really tacky to come at someone over their choices without the facts. Several folks on Black Twitter, mostly men at that, are up in arms that the “Hot N*gga” rapper is dating a white woman, prompting some passionate reactions.

Although there aren’t any permanent images of the rumored couple laying about, some folks grabbed video and screenshots that have been floated to the timeline although a relationship hasn’t been confirmed. The image in question features Shmurda doing his signature photo pose covering his mouth while the alleged romantic partner is cozied up upon his shoulder. Two Bees TV ripped the video collage and we’ve shared that below.

Apparently, the image is a screenshot of a TIkTok video posted by the woman that heavily featured Shmurda and herself in various settings, and from the looks of things, the assumption could be made that they’re an item. Why this is big news is anyone’s guess but since the Brooklyn rapper apparently has some issues at his record label as new music has yet to be produced, this is what gets the people talking.

It isn’t all about dating with Bobby Shmurda as he’s been active on Instagram and has a new page, @bobbygivesback, where he’s gifting fans a variety of prizes that include four brand new PS5 consoles, two Dior bags, and two MacBook Pros computers.

Also on Shmurda’s IG page, it appears he is working on some joints as he seemingly previewed some new music as seen in the post below.

Keep scrolling for the reactions from Twitter to Bobby Shmurda’s alleged white girlfriend.

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