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John Boyega, like many other celebrities, has used his platform to call out the senseless murder of Houston native and Minnesota resident, George Floyd. After expressing his disdain for racists, fans tried to correct the English actor who then took to Instagram Live to clarify to the Mayo Mafia he’s not their little friend.

Using his personal Twitter and Instagram pages to express his grief and anger in the wake of Floyd’s unfortunate passing, Boyega, 28, spoke frankly about his disdain for the system that allowed such an event to happen.

“This just burns. Seems to be a never ending cycle. The murderers need to be charged severely. Even in the face of death this man was given zero empathy,” Boyega tweeted earlier on Wednesday (May 27).

He followed that tweet with, “I really f*cking hate racists” which has become a viral sensation. Immediately fans of Boyega both Black and white tried to take his emotional state under their control to which he continually pushed back against.

Boyega fired off a series of tweets related to Floyd’s death and the actions of white dog choker, the recently unemployed Amy Cooper, who nearly made Black bird watcher Christian Cooper, no relation, a hashtag after a silly confrontation in Central Park.

In case anyone thought Boyega was bothered by the comments from his fans and detractors in regards to his stance against racism, think again. Boyega, who is of Nigerian heritage, let the people know that he’s made of tougher stuff.

“Pls. I am Yoruba. All your chit chatter on this here app won’t cut into this soul. Thunder fire you,” Boyega tweeted.

Boyega didn’t seem especially appreciative of people trying to twist his words to fit some “we are the world” type of narrative so he hopped on Instagram Live and made it officially clear that if you’re a white fan of his and you exhibit racist tendencies that his only words to that group from this point on is “f*ck you.”

He remains unbothered hours later and Boyega even got props from his mother.

Check out the reactions from Twitter below. Salute to John Boyega for not playing the PC role and speaking from the heart.

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