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The NBA is back in effect for the 2020-21 season and that means the Inside The NBA crew are back as well. Ernie Johnson, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, Shaquille O’Neal, and Charles Barkley are up to their usual funnies and an icy post-game interview with Kevin Durant was especially hilarious.

Durant made his official return to the NBA after not playing since 2019, and he looked sharp as ever with Kyrie Irving, Caris LaVert, and the entire Brooklyn Nets squad trouncing the Golden State Warriors in Tuesday night’s (Dec. 22) opening contest with a score of 125-99. Durant dropped 22 points in just 25 minutes of play, while Irving led the team with 26 points. LaVert dropped 20 points along with five assists.

The post-game on-court presser with Durant went well for the most part but it was clear that the star player was ready to get back to the locker room. To use the vernacular from Durant’s DMV home turf, people have “siced” the interview being harsher than it truly was.

When Barkley asked an especially long question, Durant’s one-word answer said everything it needed to. When Smith followed up with a similarly long ask, Durant kept up his distant, icy persona.

After the interview segment concluded, Shaq and Kenny had a little fun with Chuck asking The Big Aristotle a question, and he fired off a one-word answer, mimicking Durant. Shaq then asked Chuck what gifts he bought Kenny for Christmas. With a smirk, Barkley answered, “none.”

Chuck then got in on the fun, asking Kenny about his children. The Jet answered with a dry, “good” and the panel erupted in laughter. Truth be told, Durant has always been all business on and off the court but the optics and quick videos on social media made it look worse than it was.

Check out the full segment below. Keep scrolling for the reactions from Twitter.

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