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Last week Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ended with Cheyenne and Kiyomi fighting over Sierra’s leftovers, aka Shooter. We pick right back up with that messy situation.

The episode immediately brings us back to Joc’s restaurant, where all the drama is going down. Cheyenne was taken by surprise when Shooter and Kyomi walked in the joint in matching outfits, making her look stupid. Cheyenne immediately wanted all the smoke exchanging words with “elevator girl” before she launches her shoe at her.

Security gets in between the two women, and Cheyenne accuses Kyomi of sleeping with her brother Scrapp.

When they finally get outside, Kyomi tells Shooter she never slept with Scrapp and that all they did was flirt with each other while he “helped” her with her “music career.” Shooter and Cheyenne agree to move on from the matter.

Back inside Joc’s restaurant, Cheyenne is not too happy with her brother Scrapp and goes off on him for not telling her about Kyomi. Scrapp tells his sister he didn’t know Shooter was messing around Kyomi. Scrapp also reveals he doesn’t see himself doing business with Shooter anymore. Cheyenne breaks down and sheds tears, and Scrapp consoles her and gets her to hop in her vehicle and leave.

Back in Tennessee, the girl’s trip is still underway. Karlie Redd and Sierra use the moment to have a face-to-face conversation. The former friends admit they miss each other and decide to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives.

Karlie opens up about her failed marriage to Arkansas Mo detailing how he cheated on her while she underwent IVF. Karlie also points out that she feels that Sierra hasn’t really been there for her while she underwent IVF. Sierra surprisingly agrees and apologizes to Karlie. Both Karlie and Sierra promise to be better friends to each other going forward.

Zapping back to Tennessee, the ladies hopped on their bus so they can go hit the slopes. On the way there, more drama ensues between them when Shekinah asks what went down between Karlie and Sierra, she gets a smart ass reply from Sierra and isn’t feeling it. An argument ensues between Sierra and Shekinah, and Bambi is caught in the middle of it and looks entirely over it.

Spice eventually gets involved and revisits her problem with Shekinah calling her a flake. A pregnant Bambi is over it and is shedding tears. Ultimately, the bus stops, and Skekinah and Spice step outside, and security has to step in between them. Shekinah didn’t want any of Spice’s smoke and doesn’t want to fight because she way too many surgeries.

Bambi has seen enough and tells the ladies she just wants to go home and decides to head back to the rental house. Meanwhile, the ladies finally reach the slopes for their ski lessons and pretty much showed that outside of spreading gossip, they have no idea what they’re doing.

Back in Atlanta, Bow Wow’s exes, Kyomi and Erica Mena, link up. Kyomi’s incident with Bow Wow is eventually brought up, and Erica claims she is proud of how Kymoi handled herself. When the conversation shifts to Cheyenne, Kyomi states that Cheyenne isn’t her type because she is basic. Kyomi, who isn’t opposed to bringing someone in the bedroom, reveals that Cheyenne isn’t welcomed in her and Shooter’s bed. Kyomi also claims she is open to having a conversation with Sierra.

After spending some time on the slopes, the ladies head over to the Ferris Wheel. Shekinah and Spice are the first to get on the ride and immediately both kiss and make up. Spice explains to Shekinah that she is only upset because she didn’t show her any houses in Atlanta. Shekinah promises to take Spice house hunting when they get back to Atlanta. The ladies hug it out and are friends once again.

We jet back to Tennessee, and poor Sierra is going through it with her boyfriend BK. While Spice, Mimi, and Karlie are in the pool, Sierra can be heard in the kitchen, giving BK a piece of her mind. Sierra’s friend Tiffany Foxx snitches on BK, telling Sierra that someone was feeling on his beard in the club.

BK initially denies the accusations, and Sierra hangs up the phone on him. When the rest of the ladies arrive in the kitchen, Sierra tells them what happened. She also reveals that she found out that BK has a secret Instagram page where he looked at other women, including both of his exes. This is why she refuses to have children with him, and she announces that she is done with BK.

Finally, we head back to Atlanta, and Cheyenne, Scrapp, Kyomi, and Shooter agree to meet up to talk. Shooter claims that he wasn’t wrong when he started messing around with Kyomi because he and Chyenne were on a break. Chyenne’s issue with him messing around with Kyomi is him failing to tell her about Kyomi.

When Cheyenne reveals that she has been around Shooter’s kids, Kyomi gets upset because that means Shooter’s relationship with Cheyenne is more serious than he let on. Cheyenne then goes on to accuse Kyomi of sleeping with Scrapp, and he doesn’t refute his sister’s revelation.

Kyomi gets in the car and waits. Before they leave, Shooter tells Cheyenne that Kyomi took her spot. Kyomi gets out of the car the two women almost come to blows again, and the episode ends.

Viewers clowned the hell out of Kyomi and her behavior. You can peep all of the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty

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