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Natalie Nunn’s hair changes like she catches private jets… often. The Baddies East star is the current queen of Zeus Network. It’s safe to say she got the juice. And with said juice comes the expectation for her to constantly elevate her look. A true baddie always looks her best even when she’s not trying. Clearly, Natalie Nunn puts a lot of effort into her hair and wardrobe because this season of the wild franchise, we’ve seen dozens of unique hairstyles from the baddest bad girl-turned-super producer.

Natalie is a big boss and keeps her hair in intricate wig styles. From colorful ombre to braid-friendly embellishments, Natalie Nunn’s hair is just as eye-popping as she is.

Nunn recently debuted a cotton candy wig with hair embellishments while turning up alongside fellow Baddie DJ Sky, who was on the ones and twos. Natalie rapped along to the lyrics, “Try and take my chain I ain’t going.” Fans speculate it is a subliminal but yet, direct shot at the chaotic “get yo chain back” Baddies East episode.

During an interview on “The Breakfast Club,” Natalie described the difference between working on traditional TV vs today’s streaming market.

“I feel like when we used to do events with oxygen back in the day we used to come to New York and the Bad Girls would have events – they were just so like uptight and traditional.” She added, “Here we are now with the streaming platform and Zeus and how our boss – we literally could call him on the phone and any of the cast members have a direct contact to the boss – like that was never a thing before with the old networks. The reported millionaire continued, “I do feel like Lemmy gives that opportunity to everyone to come in – I know for a fact people are making more money at Zeus Network.”

Original Bad Girl’s Club fans remember Natalie Nunn from the Oxygen franchise, but Natalie took an interpolation to Zeus Network under the Baddies show. Natalie reached a new level of fame when Nicki Minaj mentioned her name on Lil Uzi Vert’s song “Endless Fashion,” saying, “Even if my name was Natalie, none of these bitches still couldn’t chin-check me.” The popular bar validated Natalie but she’s always been that girl.

Keep scrolling for her most versatile hair moments.

12 Times Natalie Nunn Proved She Is A Hair Chameleon  was originally published on

1. Inspired By…

Natalie Nunn took a page out of the Players’s Club script with this 90s-inspired half-up, half-down platinum blonde do with waterfall bang. 

2. Red Head

Natalie Nunn’s fiery personality match her red tresses.

3. Two-Toned

Natalie Nunn really up her game when she matched her hair to her Goyard bag. This orange and blonde two-toned look was trendy and season-friendly.

4. Icy Lifestyle

Natalie Nunn gave us the cold shoulder with this ice-blue wig and silver look.

5. Ombre

This blonde and honey ombre wig goes hard.

6. VMAs Baddie

Natalie wore this black wig with pink roots to the 2023 VMAs. 

7. Chopsticks

Natalie added a twist to this half-up, half-down look with a pair of chopsticks.

8. Yellow Dream

No color is off-limits when it comes to Natalie’s hair game. This yellow wig is giving up Lil’ Kim vibes.

9. Stunna

Natalie Nunn took a page from “Baddies West” star Stunna Girl with this black ombre wig and waterfall bangs.

10. Fingerwaves

Natalie switched it up on us with this blonde finger waves look while posing in the greenery.

11. Au Naturale

Natalie took a break from her wig to give us a style that showcases her natural texture.

12. About Her Green

Natalie is about her money so it makes sense her hair is green.

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