The Morning Hustle

Billy brings us into his life this morning with a story at first we didn't believe, but knowing Billy, this actually sounds like something that would happen to him...

The Morning Hustle

Take a listen to Billy Sorrells "explanation" on how he accidentally downloaded the GRINDR app.

Lore'l had to run back Who's Cappin this morning on The Morning Hustle and call out Billy Sorrells for his new tattoo.

Billy Sorrells and his wife Coco work out some marital issues live on air due to the quarantine.

Listen to Billy Sorrells prank phone call a parent complaining about virtual learning!

Watch Billy The Builder takes on a giant sized wasp nest!

Listen as Billy finds out his latest COIVD-19 test results as he reads it live on air after testing positive two weeks ago.

Ladies, if your guy you've been dating does any of these things, you are probably in an entanglement, not a relationship....

Today's Billy Sorrells File is a wake-up call for all parents.