In May 2019, the white state trooper pummeled Bowman with a flashlight after deputies pulled the Black motorist over for “improper lane usage." The post White Louisiana Trooper Acquitted For 2019 Beating Of Aaron Bowman appeared first on NewsOne.

Gruden was in the midst of a 10-year, $100 million contract with the Raiders at the time of his resignation.


When police officers in Dayton, Ohio, moved to forcibly remove Clifford Owensby from his car so they could have a K9 unit perform what the department calls a “free air sniff,” they had been informed repeatedly that he was disabled, but that didn't stop them from dragging him from his car by his hair.

A Black couple from Michigan who had their home shot at by a 25-year-old white man due to his anger over the Black Lives Matter sign in their window surprisingly had nothing but forgiveness for their attacker during his sentencing.


David Elmendorf, a former ice cream shop owner in upstate New York, has been ordered to pay $4,500 after being accused of calling the police on peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters and falsely claiming they threatened him with violence.

According to a complaint filed by a regional official with the National Labor Relations Board, employees at a Home Depot in Minneapolis claim the branch used its uniform policy to punish them for displaying BLM activism during work hours.

The latest case of the Karens happened when a white woman decided to follow a Black man around a Moreno Valley Walmart, accusing him of stealing her child's cell phone until she soon realized it was in her car the entire time.

Tamika D. Mallory's new book 'State of Emergency' is out now! Catch her full conversation with Lore'l and Angie Ange on "The Morning Hustle."

The International Olympic Committee reissued their stance on barring political speech or silent acts of protest at the games, with a specific reference to the phrase "Black Lives Matter."

Here is one instance when police bodycam footage actually worked in getting racist cops fired.