Today on The Morning Hustle we talked about relationship dealbreakers. These are behaviors and  issues that are non-negotiable! Recently there was a viral video that captured a man in the middle of a chilvorous act gone WRONG. In the forty-two second video there seemed to have been heavy rainfall that caused flooding while a group […]

With everything wrong going on right now, this viral Internet challenge will bring you some much-needed joy.

Black Twitter has long been one of the cleverest sections of the fast-moving social media network, and once again they have a new trending topic going.

While there is a potential world war brewing, a shakeup in the Royal Family and other issues abound, Twitter will find a way to pull humor out of the thin air at all times.

In the wake of news that a top-secret operation took out a top Iranian official, Iran has vowed to strike back at the United States which has sparked a World War III trending topic. While Iran’s threat should be taken seriously, many on Black Twitter have been cracking jokes in the face of impending doom. […]