Chloe x Halle are featured in Flaunt magazine with dual spreads showcasing their individual, unique personalities. The dynamic duo is slowly dismantling how fans were introduced to them in 2014 singing familiar pop covers on YouTube. These two are ascending to greater heights. 

R&B sister duo Chloe x Halle are empowering the next generation of artists to truly accept their skin.

The Morning Hustle

Chloe Bailey is shaking up the internet again with her Juneteenth tribute to Nina Simone.

Chloe Bailey is trending on social media for putting a sexy spin on Nina Simone’s 1965 classic, “Feeling Good.”

Chloe Bailey has done it once again..breaking the internet and breaking out hearts.

Whenever we see Chloe Bailey trending we already know it’s because she’s just posted a picture, video, or TikTok challenge of herself looking fine as ever! This time, our good sis participated in the viral #WalkChallenge and if we were giving out prizes for the best walk, Chloe definitely took first place with this one. The […]

Showing that she's her own woman, Chloe has been showing off and showing out on the 'Gram and Tik Tok with most people saluting her expression but the hate brigade is never too far away with their bad takes.

The #SilhouetteChallenge appears to be moving up on the leader board as the sultry social media dance craze is currently the hottest thing going online now.