Getting the vaccine approved and available for children under 12 is only half the battle. Vaccine equity concerns continue despite the availability of the vaccine for children.

A viral video making the rounds on social media is bringing attention to what's being described as a growing trend of people who oppose COVID-19 vaccine mandates by exercising vague religious exemptions as a way to skirt the rules.

Nicki Minaj is now saying the White House is capping after they claimed they did not invite her for a visit.

Today on The Morning Hustle @StarringLorel gave ‘who’s cappin’ to MSNBC commentator, Joy-Ann Reid for her chastisement of Nicki Minaj. Last night the star revealed to her fans via Twitter the reason why she wouldn’t be attending this years Met Gala and many other events ultimately stating that she’s still undecided on getting vaccinated and […]

In a viral video clip, the New York rapper takes a moment to go off about mask mandates claiming they violate his civil liberties.

The two-dose vaccine has been approved for individuals age 16 and older. Health officials hope the action by the FDA will aid more unvaccinated individuals to trust Pfizer's shot to be safe and effective and could be used to help employ vaccine mandates for state, local governments and private employers.


We all know the topic of Coronavirus vaccinations have been a sensitive subject for many. With cases rising all over the globe due to the new Delta variant and all the misinformation about side effects. We enlisted the help of our guy, Uncle @RaydioG to lighten the load. He dropped by The Morning Hustle with his […]

 25-year-old Brittany Wright of Atlanta is mourning the loss of her husband after he passed from COVID-19 on Saturday after both contracted the virus.


If people only wore masks and social distanced like they were asked to do last year things probably wouldn't have gone this far. But "freedom," right?

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Black influencer, 'Drew Comments' recently went viral after explaining the reason he decided to get the vaccine in hopes to inspire others.