New York’s ABC News reported the sculptures were a part of an exhibition called “See Injustice” by artist Chris Carnabuci. The installation is a project of the organization CONFRONTART.  

Derek Chauvin and his legal team have reportedly been negotiating a federal plea deal that could provide some context to the cryptic message that the convicted murderer gave George Floyd's family in court during his sentencing.

The tragic death of George Floyd happened on this day one year ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Today we remember his life.

The man charged with the murder of George Floyd’s death is already being punished for his actions. Derek Chauvin is now spending 23 hours a day in the box. As spotted on New York Magazine the disgraced police officer has been hit with some hard time ahead of his formal sentencing. He is currently being held […]

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Bakari Sellers weighs in on the verdict, the potential sentencing for Derek Chauvin, and the importance of why we need to push for George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

On Tuesday (Apr 20), the NFL team took to Twitter to weigh on the reactions to the highly controversial trial with a tone-deaf tweet in an attempt to show solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement, and instead ended getting dragged over the highly insensitive post.

Civil rights leaders rejoiced that Derek Chauvin was convicted for killing George Floyd. But their collective sigh of relief was tempered as they reminded people that the fight for equality and justice is far from over.


A jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of killing George Floyd with a historic verdict that took less than 12 hours to reach.


The closing arguments recently began.


Fairfax comparing his experience to the definitive state sanctioned killings of two Black men whose deaths heightened the social justice movement is troubling.