Lil Nas X has been taking the industry by storm and he doesn’t seem to be letting up. At the Variety Hitmakers awards event, Lil Nas X was presented with  the title of Variety’s Innovator of the Year after the accomplishments he’s made. This awards event is meant to honor those who helped produce the 25 […]

Lil Nas X continues to secure the bag while his haters can't keep his name out of their mouths.

The "Montero" star used that gift once more on Monday morning (July 19), essentially tumbling his nose at Nie. as the so-called "Satan Shoes" lawsuit goes to court.

Lil Nas X is continuing to make bold statements with his style on the cover of NYT Magazine - wearing braids by Widny Bazile.

Not everyone got the vibes Lil Nas X was about at the recent BET Awards. He has responded to some of the homophobic criticism he received online after his performance. As spotted on Complex Lil Nas X brought “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” to life for the first time in front of a live audience at […]

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Lil Nas X has been masterful at owning his truth and trolling his haters. So it only made sense that he ripped his pants while performing on Saturday Night Live.

While his sneakers have been shelved, all of Lil Nas X's recent efforts were not in vain.

But fear not ladies and gents for Lil Nas X has a brand new "Call Me By Your Name" venture that's sure to please his fan base and best believe the company involved won't be folding to public pressure about their collaboration.