Referencing some cringe-worthy comments she's made in the past, Bhad Bhabie gets into it with Lil Yachty on the subject of cultural appropriation during a livestream on Instagram.

The Morning Hustle

@Headkrack details the new link-up between Lil Yachty & Bhad Bhabie, we send condolences to Lil Durk and his family after his brother was shot and killed in Chicago over the weekend, and DMX's posthumous album lands in the Top 10, but is another on the way?

Demonstrating his new product with his own manicured mittens, Negative 001's come packaged in black cylindrical vials and will be available for purchase on Crete's website come May 21st.

Taking to IG to show off his shiny new pearly smile, Yachty had no issues with filling in the world on the fact he had his teeth done, and also how much he spent on brand new set of veneers: $80,000. 

Lil Yachty is breaking into the cryptocurrency market with his own token called YachtyCoin. Fans can instantly become shareholders in the rapper's career by purchasing the tokens through an app. This could be a new revenue stream for artists deeply impacted by the pandemic.