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At the midpoint of the year and deep within the Cancer season, the next new moon presents an excellent opportunity to begin anew. Here is the rundown on this lunar event, along with some tips on how to take advantage of it.
On July 17th, the new moon arrives in the sign of Cancer. According to astrology specialist, Imani Quinn, we will all be able to sense the energy that Cancer brings.

She notes that because Cancer is a water sign, people born under this zodiac are emotional, perceptive, and extremely devoted to their loved ones.
According to Quinn, the following six months are a great time to focus on the emotional component of what you want to manifest, and the new moon can assist you in processing your feelings so that you can get to the bottom of it.
So what are some ways to enhance your new moon experience and manifest your desires?

Reorganize Your Home:

During the new moon, astrology specialists suggests this could be a time to reorganize the space you call home, both physically and metaphorically. Astrologists note that because Cancers are so comfortable in their own homes, “this new moon is giving us time to face ourselves, to look and address the parts of ourselves that make us uncomfortable that need to be seen.”

Set Intentions:

Make a list that represents your desires in detail. Take time to write your intentions on a piece of paper. Be sure that you are clear, concise and as specific as you can make them.

Light a Candle:

When you let light into your home, you let light into your life. Focus on your blessings and meditate to bring about your desires.

The key takeaway in 2023 Cancer New Moon is to embrace and understand your emotions while also being intentional and cultivating relationships that mean the most to you.

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