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I‘ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Donald Trump calling Black prosecutors racist—is blatantly racist

Once again, the former president of the United States is playing the race card. Instead of accepting responsibility for his own actions, Trump is making excuses and blaming Black supremacy for all of his problems.

Within the past few months, Trump has called New York Attorney General Letitia James, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis racist numerous times without ever bothering to elaborate on what any of them have said or done to indicate racial bias against white people.

You’d almost have to assume he’s arbitrarily leveling the accusation at them just because they’re Black. But that would be racist.

Yet, according to the Independent, Trumpwho is currently drowning in federal indictments like his natural skin color is drowning in the rust-orangey-red sea that is his face—spoke at a rally in New Hampshire Tuesday where he, once again, called Willis a “young racist” for no discernable reason other than the fact that she’s African American—and not the “look at my African American over here” kind. But this time, Trump took things one bigoted step further by recklessly and baselessly claiming that Willis had an “affair” with a “gang member.”

“There’s a young racist in Atlanta…They say she was after a certain gang and she ended up having an affair with the head of the gang or a gang member,” Trump said.

From the Independent:

Last week Mr. Trump posted a video on Truth Social featuring a Rolling Stone headline about Ms. Willis defending rapper YSL Mondo in 2019, and falsely claiming that she “got caught hiding a relationship with a gang member she was prosecuting.”

There is no suggestion or evidence that Ms. Willis had any romantic relationship with the rapper, who described “mother-to-son type of talks with her”, reported the magazine.

Ms. Willis, who is married with two children, is expected to soon indict him for illegally trying to reverse Joe Biden’s victory in the state, which paved his way to the White House.

So, not only is it demonstrably untrue that Willis had an affair with YSL Mondo, but the report Trump cited made no such claim. In other words: Trump is just making sh—t up! 

All of his claims that the prosecutors are racist are made up. The widespread voter fraud and rigged voting machines that cost him his second term are all things he made up. A racist Black prosecutor who happens to be investigating him having a sexual relationship with a rapper-slash-gang member-slash gang leader? The latest entry in Donald Trump’s Collection of Delusional White Nationalist Fairytales.

It’s beyond pathetic.


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