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André 3000’s new instrument is opening new doors for him. He has revealed that he was asked to perform at Virgil Abloh’s funeral but he respectfully declined.


As previously reported the Outkast member is on the verge of returning to the music industry but his way. This week it was announced that he will be releasing his new album New Blue Sun. He will not be rapping on the album but playing his flute. Over the last couple of years the “So Fresh, So Clean” MC has put the microphone down and picked up the aerophone. During an interview with NPR he discussed his musical transformation and more.

During the conversation he talked about being invited to perform at Virgil Abloh’s funeral to which he said no. He explained his decision saying “his family asked would I play at the funeral and I denied it, but only because I felt like I would be a distraction,” He added “I don’t know, I just felt like it would have taken away from the moment and I only knew Virgil through texts and a few conversations. So I couldn’t pretend like I knew him that well.”

The Dungeon Family member went on to say “when my mom passed, I had this urge to play. But I wasn’t even playing flute back then. I think I was more on guitar at that point. And I just didn’t” André 3000 revealed. “I don’t think I could go through with it. But yeah, there’s something about it … playing at funerals. I think New Orleans has it best. Like, I think the way we do funerals, I think it’s really antiquated and sad. I think we need to party more.”

Listen to the NPR interview below

New Blue Sun will be released Friday, November 17.

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