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In a recent Instagram Live session from rapper Bennahhunnaa, it appears that a woman allegedly shot him during the broadcast on the social media network. Since the incident, the Louisiana artist has slammed anyone who sided with the woman who pulled the trigger via his Instagram page.

It isn’t known when the incident took place but it appears that a quick scouring on Twitter has revealed that it did happen fairly recently. Instagram user @bankrollbaby205 shared the IG Live clip to his page, where you can see the unnamed woman engaged in a heated argument with Bennahhunnaa.

From what can be seen in the video, Bennahhunnaa was in the woman’s home and was ordered to leave but it’s clear he wasn’t done sharing the moment with around 62 fans on the stream and began to insult the woman and test her. The woman accused Bennahhunnaa of smoking “sherm” or PCP and audibly threatens him. As the argument grows more intense, a popping sound can be heard with Bennahhunnaa falling to the ground claiming that he had been shot.

We’ve done some digging on our side and it doesn’t appear that a police report was filed in relation to the shooting. And on Wednesday, Bennahhunnaa posted a message that makes it clear that there’s no love between him and the woman.


“If you takin up for tht hoe get off my page,” read Bennahhunnaa’s image, with the caption reading, “N*gga wanna speak on shyt don’t even kno the whole story.”

It isn’t known if this moment was staged for views or a real thing as Bennahhunnaa and the woman in question haven’t addressed the matter at hand. There is also chatter that the woman is an ex-girlfriend or a possible current romantic partner.

Watch the video below. We do warn that the images might be disturbing to some.


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