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On April 12, Resurrection Sunday, Kelly Price revealed that she lost her grandfather, Bishop Jerome Norman, at 94-years-old.

In a tearful video, Price said that her grandfather who was her everything. She said he taught her how to pray and had been the most consistent male presence in her life.

“I’m glad I had an opportunity to show him how much I loved him. But more importantly, he loved me unconditionally.”

Later, in another video, Price shared that she had partnered with BET to perform at the SOS (Saving OurSelves) program in order to raise awareness about the ways in which coronavirus is disproportionately affecting Black and brown people. During the announcement, she shared that her grandfather passed from complications of the virus.


“This disease is snatching people globally. I sit inside of the community of those who have had someone that they love dearly taken from them.”

Later, in another interview with The Core 94, Price shared that after all her grandfather had overcome throughout the course of his life, she was shocked that it was this virus that caused his death.

“I’m grateful that I had him for all those years but it just seems that for everything he’s went through, surviving cancer on more than one occasion, surviving a heart attack, on more than one occasion, coming through racism being born in the South. For the things that he’s survived, I guess for me it just feels crazy that it would be this that takes him from us.  But I’m glad he’s not suffering. I know I made him proud when he was alive and my intention is to do so for the rest of my life.”

Since his passing, Price has shared beautiful moments she shared with her grandfather.

Our thoughts are with Kelly Price and her family as they heal from this loss. 

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