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National Space Day 2022

Source: Meta Quest / Meta Quest

Few things enrapture the senses quite in the way the sheer vastness of the cosmos has done for millennia, and it is still largely uncharted territory despite the many advances of modern technology. Speaking of technology, Meta Quest, the maker of the leading Meta Quest 2 VR headset, put together an impressive collection of games and experiences in celebration of National Space Day that we’d love to share with our readers.

National Space Day began in 1997 when Lockheed Martin introduced the idea as a one-off campaign to get young students interested in the field of aerospace engineering, and the annual celebration expanded in 2001 via astronaut John Glenn according to what we could find online.

Meta Quest has a number of interactive experiences that shoots the viewer to the stars, including several visits to the International Space Station. One such tour of the ISS is guided by vaunted astronaut Victor J. Glover, who takes us through the sprawling facility as we take in the wonders of zero gravity and beyond. Sir Patrick Stewart, the famed actor who played Capt. Jean-Luc Picard on the Star Trek: The Next Generation series, narrates another must-view experience.

Below is a listing of all the Space Day 2022 experiences Meta Quest is offering today:

ISS Tour with Victor Glover: Astronaut Victor Glover joins us from Earth to give a personal tour of the International Space Station.

National Space Day 2022

Source: Meta Quest / Meta Quest

UNITE – Space Explorers: The ISS Experience: In this newest episode, VR users step aboard the International Space Station as the crew shares their unique perspective of living, working and building lifetime friendships during life-changing missions in outer space. From Felix & Paul Studios; 360-degree experience.

Spacewalkers – Space Explorers: The ISS Experience: Take your first steps in Space with the world’s first-ever spacewalk captured in cinematic 3D 360-degree VR.

National Space Day 2022

Source: Meta Quest / Meta Quest

Journey to Space is a celebration of space exploration narrated by actor Patrick Stewart that showcases the exciting plans NASA and the space community are working on, and the challenges they must overcome to carry out audacious missions such as landing astronauts on Mars. 

National Space Day 2022

Source: Meta Quest / Meta Quest

Space Junk: A 3D documentary about the growing ring of orbiting debris that casts a shadow over the future of space exploration.

Games are a big part of the Meta Quest ecosystem and the company is featuring a handful of games that go hand in hand with today’s special Space Day. We feature those games below:

Shuttle Commander is an accurate physics-based flight simulator where you take to the controls of the space shuttle and land it at various real-world landing sites such as Kennedy Space Centre, White Sands Air Force Base and Edwards Air Force Base.

Space Pirate Trainer DX puts you inside one of those awesome classic 80s arcade cabinets, where you’ll fight off relentless waves of droids with all the weapons and gadgets a Space Pirate would ever need.

End Space: Take command of the most advanced starfighter the United Trade Consortium has ever developed in stunning virtual reality as you battle for control of the Tartarus sector.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew will immerse you in the Star Trek universe thanks to VR. The game puts you and your friends in the heart of the U.S.S. Aegis.

Learn more on ways to celebrate National Space Day by clicking here.

Photo: Meta Quest

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