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Chris Evans Speaks On Saying "To Infinity & Beyond" In 'Lightyear'

Source: Jesse Grant / Getty

Actor Chris Evans has now taken on the role of two iconic characters, Captain America and Buzz Lightyear, both of who deliver signature catchphrases in their respective films. So, of course, we were curious which one of the lines resonated with him more. 

“To Infinity & Beyond,” or “Avengers Assemble” Chris Evans Chooses His Favorite?

During a press conference for the upcoming Pixar film Lightyear that sees Chris Evan become the beloved Space Ranger from the Toy Story films, I had the opportunity to ask the actor between “to infinity and beyond or “Avengers Assemble” which one was his favorite to belt out?

“Awww, man, that’s impossible. Obviously, to infinity and beyond is something I knew well before Avengers Assemble,” Evans began. “It was dear to me in much earlier chapters of my life. As proud as I am to play this role and as honored as I am to be a part of this universe now, that line belongs to someone else. It almost kinda felt like I was wearing someone else’s clothes or something. So you do your best to honor it and put your own spin on it but let’s be honest, that’s Tim Allen’s line. Personally, at least Avengers Assemble, I was the first one in the pool for that one.”

“We weren’t making a Toy Story movie. We’re making Buzz Lightyear’s movie.”

As for the million-dollar question as to why Chris Evans is the voice of Buzz and not Tim Allen? Producer Gayln Susman and director Angus MacLane explained this film is about Buzz Lightyear, the person, and not Buzz Lightyear, the toy.

“Tim Allen is Buzz Lightyear the toy, and he is the embodiment of Buzz Lightyear the toy,” Lightyear’s producer Gayln Susman begins. “We weren’t making a Toy Story movie. We’re making Buzz Lightyear’s movie. First and foremost, we just needed to have a different person playing that Lightyear separate from the toy. And then you’re looking at taking a side character and making them the protagonist of his own movie. So you need somebody who’s gonna be very well-rounded. You need somebody who can do drama and comedy. Comedy that doesn’t undercut the stakes of the character. You need somebody who can express pathos and have genuine concern for their own safety and experience conflict and guilt. You make this huge laundry list, and then your like, well, Chris [Evans]. ‘Do you have anybody else we can ask?’ No, Chris, let’s ask Chris.”

“That’s pretty much how it went. Also, because the character is different, like having a different voice does differentiate. It’s two different tracks, and when you see the movie like ‘okay, yeah, I get it.’ It makes a lot more sense when you see how the tone of this film is different than the character in Toy Story. It’s a little more well-rounded. Technically, he’s a little smarter because he’s not the comic relief. He has to be funny but not too goofy, and that’s why we went with Chris,” MacLane added.

Lightyear also stars Keke Palmer, Uzo Aduba, Taika Waititi, Dale Soules, Peter Sohn, James Brolin, and Isiah Whitlock Junior. Prepare to go infinity and beyond when the film arrives in theaters on June 17.

Photo: Jesse Grant / Getty

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