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Jose Cuervo X Haley Lu Richardson - "Go Off this Cinco"

This Friday (May 5), Cinco de Mayo will be here and there will be no shortage of drinks, snacks, and folks hanging out enjoying the festivities. Jose Cuervo, a leader in the tequila space, just announced a new contest with White Lotus star Haley Lu Richardson encouraging fans to “Go Off this Cinco” and presenting an opportunity for folks to snag an old-school flip phone and cash while they “Go Off” the grid a bit.

Jose Cuervo X Haley Lu Richardson - "Go Off this Cinco"

Richardson, 28, was barely a toddler when flip phones were widely introduced in the mid-1990s. Now, the rising television and film star is the face of the “Go Off this Cinco” contest and Richardson’s carefree personality shines in a new spot for this campaign directly connected to Cinco de Mayo.

This is how it works. Jose Cuervo intends to give out the so-called “dumb phones,” a clear knock at our current-gen smartphones that we can’t seem to pry from our hands, often taking away from those precious moments of revelry in which we should be more connected with our friends and family.

Along with the phones, fans will also get $50 bucks in cash to grab themselves a Jose Cuervo margarita or some tequila shots to knock back with their buds. But with that phone not connected to your WiFi, you’ll be forced to actually live in the moment and not go selfie overboard.

Several people are trying to unplug from smart devices due to the “always-connected” reality of said devices. In fact, folks are starting to trade in their smartphones for “dumb phones” which allow them to either only use phones to talk or send messages via the tedious T9 texting scheme. Without a connection to social media, you can get real-time social with some Jose Cuervo in your life.

Jose Cuervo X Haley Lu Richardson - "Go Off this Cinco"

To enter the contest, fans should click on with the contest running through Cinco de Mayo (May 5). Winners will be paid via Venmo, so make sure that your account is up to date.

To learn more about Jose Cuervo, click here.

Photo: Jose Cuervo

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