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Best 25 Candies To Hand Out For Halloween 2023

Kids receiving candy on Halloween is often regarded as the best thing ever by many.

Halloween is an evening event that brings joy and excitement to children as they run door to door in a neighborhood dressed up as a monster or princess saying trick or treat as they wish for a basket of candy to be dumped in their pillow case or bucket.

What a thrill!

Every year we run into the debate of which candy is considered the best candy to be handed out for Halloween.

Some people base it on how healthy is the candy for you, is it chocolate or sweets, or does it cause your kid to have a sugar rush and bedtime becomes not a thing for the night (normally the parent regrets letting their kid eat this much candy).

Well I am here for the overall experience and for the enjoyment of every single piece of candy.

So lets take a look at my list of Best 25 candies to hand out for Halloween 2023!

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1. Haribo Goldbears

2. Swedish Fish

3. Airheads

4. Smarties

5. Snickers

6. Sweetarts

7. Butterfinger

8. Nerds

9. Sour (Spooky) Patch Kids

10. Skittles

11. Twix

12. Starburst

13. Reese’s

14. Fun Dip

15. Kit Kat

16. Crunch Bar

17. Hershey’s

18. Milky Way

19. Tootsie Pop

20. Candy Corn

21. Twizzlers

22. M&M’s

23. Jolly Rancher

24. Baby Ruth

25. Dubble Bubble Gum

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