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BLK Cuffing Season Guide

Source: Davian Chester / BLK

Cozy season is here and Fall has officially arrived, which means it’s cuffing season. The dating app for Black singles, BLK, partnered with Black illustrator Davian Chester to show hopeful singles the proper way to approach the season. Check out these fun comic-styled infographics to learn the different phases of the season inside.

BLK, the #1 dating app for Black singles with over 5 million downloads to-date, has a fun collaboration with Black illustrator Davian Chester to bring cuffing season to life. The two have released a series of fun infographic comics to visually tell the story of how to navigate each stage of the infamous cuffing season.

Those colder, wintery months encourage us to spend more time at home and preferably in the comfort of someone else’s arms. As daters contemplate who they might snuggle up with this cuffing season, BLK and Chester share the 7 phases of cuffing season to make sure everyone’s equipped.

Whether you’re single or in a “situationship,” everyone seems to be looking for their new eye candy. It might be a daunting task as there are so many unspoken rules that are associated with “cuffing” the right person in 2023.

BLK hopes to make that easier by providing the official steps to cuffing season and reminding daters that you are control of your own love life. So curve those friends and family members trying to get all up in your business.

From scouting to the championship Valentine’s Day game, the cuffing season guide will point you in the right direction.

Chester is the Georgia-based illustrator behind the official cuffing season guide.  He garnered national attention in 2019 for his Juneteenth Google Doodle—an homage art piece that went viral after the company failed to create its own doodle in honor of Juneteenth.

Check out the collaboration between BLK and Davian Chester below to learn about he 7 phases of cuffing season:

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1. Step 1: Scouting

Step 1: Scouting Source:BLK

2. Step 2: Drafting

Step 2: Drafting Source:BLK

3. Step 3: Tryouts

Step 3: Tryouts Source:BLK

4. Step 4: Pre-Season

Step 4: Pre-Season Source:BLK

5. Step 5: Cuffing Season

Step 5: Cuffing Season Source:BLK

6. Step 6: Playoffs

Step 6: Playoffs Source:BLK

7. Step 7: Championship Game

Step 7: Championship Game Source:BLK

8. BLK Cuffing Season Complete Guide

BLK Cuffing Season Complete Guide Source:BLK

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