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Blueface had social media up in arms and in disbelief when he unexpectedly and disturbingly posted pics of his baby son’s genitals on his social media page.


Afterward, X formerly known as Twitter users began to tag the FBI and child protective services on the post, Blueface decided to claim that he didn’t actually post the pics himself as his phone was hacked into by whoever posted his son’s private parts on his page. TMZ is reporting that Blueface is now absolving himself of the controversial incident and took to his Twitter page to explain that his phone was “stolen” at the time of the posting and that he’d gotten himself a new phone and was back in control of his Twitter page.

Naturally, heads aren’t buying the story, but given the seriousness of the matter and the backlash he got for the post, we don’t expect Blueface to fess up to the potential crime.

TMZ reports:

As we reported, the “hacked” account posted a lengthy rant about his newborn son and his medical struggles, including an alleged hernia. The account expressed outrage toward Chrisean Rock, the boy’s mother, and said she was avoiding taking the infant to the doctor.

We should also point out, the allegedly “hacked” account only seemed to take Blueface’s side in the argument … which very rarely happens with a hack.

Things have been downhill in Blue and Chrisean’s family situation since she was spotted improperly holding their child at Walmart … and continue to spiral out of control by the day.

Feels like “spiral out of control” is an understatement at this point.

While we don’t know if the man or his baby mama will face any kind of consequences behind their latest incident, we hope this is the last time Blueface or Chrisean Rock use their baby for whatever weird social media drama they’re currently engaged in.

Check out social media chime in on the incident below and let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comments section below.

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