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'Next Level Chef's Season 2 Finale Sparks Delicious Reactions

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If you thought the season one finale of Next Level Chef lacked flavor, season two is even more bitter, depending on who you were rooting for. 

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay’s innovative cooking competition Next Level Chef is back, and season two brought the heat. Just like the first season, viewers saw 15 chefs who either display their cooking skills on social media, at home, or in restaurants compete against each other for the coveted titled Next Level Chef, which also comes with a $250K check and mentorship from the three judges, Chefs Gordon Ramsey, Chef Nyesha Arington, and Chef Richard Blaise.

The cooking action takes place in three kitchens. The bottom kitchen with out-of-date cooking utensils puts the contestant’s feet to the fire and honestly brings the best out of them.

The middle kitchen is not the bottom kitchen and features up-to-date but is far from the top kitchen’s state-of-the-art offerings.

Thursday, Next Level Chef held a 2-hour special showing the penultimate episode before leading into the season’s finale. At the start of the episode, five chefs were left standing from the original 15, Omallys “Omi” Hopper, Nuri Muhammad, Pilar Moega, Christopher Spinosa, and Tucker Ricchio.

The challenge was to make an original American fusion dish based on popular food items from different states. When the stoves cooled down, Nuri and Omi, both season two fan favorites, were eliminated, despite many believing they had some solid dishes.

Social Media Reacts To The Next Level Chef Season Two Finale

FOX's Next Level Chef - Season Two

Source: FOX / Getty

The finale featured Tucker, Chris, and Pilar flexing their cooking skills on each floor by preparing dishes promptly, which would determine how much time they had to prepare the last meal for the judges to critique.

The competition was intense, but many were rooting for Pilar, who many felt had the best performance during the finale delivering the best dishes.

In the end, the judges seemed to overlook things like Chris’ raw protein and Pilar’s unique dishes and went with some feel as Tucker’s basic dishes crowning her as the season two winner.

Now Tucker was one of the more consistent contestants this season, but so was Pilar and, to an extent Nuri.

Still, for the most part, people were happy Tucker didn’t win but felt it should have been Nuri, Pilar, or Omi who should have won.

We’ll have to hold out hope for seasons three and four of Next Level Chef that they will get it right and not give us false hope when Black and Brown chefs make it to the end.

You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

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