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Mother dearest. Mommy may I? Mama, please! However you may phrase it, it might be best that you don’t ask these moms a thing. To celebrate Mother’s Day coming up, we created a list of terrifying moms from our favorite horror classics and newly released films inside.

Typically, Mother’s Day is about acknowledging and celebrating the special person who brought you into this world. She tends to bring you peace, love, support and comfort when you might need it. However, we don’t do the usual around here, so we came up with this special list of unique moms only found in horror films. There are cult classic mom characters like Mother Margaret from the original Carrie and newer scary moms like Ellie in Evil Dead Rise, which was released last month.

Though it may not be the most conventional way to celebrate, we understand Mother’s Day looks different for everyone. Some people may not have the best relationship with their biological mom. Others may be moms themselves who feel misunderstood by their children. Whether you have a great relationship with your mom or working to be a better mother yourself, use this horror moms list as a guide to enjoy this day in a fun and kinda creepy way. Like motherhood, cheers to doing this fearlessly!

There are a ton of movies to choose from like the aforementioned films and countless others. Some of these may not even be considered horror films, but they featured some terrifying moms so we had to include them too like Monique’s award-winning performance in Precious.

We gathered our Top 10 horror moms as we celebrate a (Not So) Happy Mother’s Day.

Check out our list of horror moms below:

(Not So) Happy Mother’s Day: Celebrate With 10 Of Our Favorite Horror Moms  was originally published on

1. Ellie in ‘Evil Dead Rise’ (2023)


2. Adelaide in ‘Us’ (2019)


3. Mary Lee Johnson in ‘Precious’ (2009)


4. The Other Mother in ‘Us’ (2009)


5. Annie in ‘Hereditary’ (2018)


6. Mommy in ‘The People Under the Stairs’ (1991)


7. Norma Bates in ‘Psycho’ (1960)


8. Mama in ‘Mama’ (2013)


9. Margaret White in ‘Carrie’ (1976)


10. Pamela Voorhees in ‘Friday the 13th’ (1980)


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