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Sybil Wilks what you need to know for July 17, 2023


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1. Rev. Jesse Jackson: He Is Somebody

Rev. Jesse Jackson: He Is Somebody Source:Getty

Rev. Jesse Jackson: He Is Somebody

What You Need to Know:

 Over the weekend, the torch was passed, as the Reverend Jesse L. Jackson,  announced he is stepping down as President of the National Rainbow PUSH Coalition, and introduced the man who will step into that role, the Reverend Dr. Frederick Douglass Haynes III.

 In a press release, Rev. Jackson stated, “I am looking forward to this next chapter where I will continue to focus on economic justice, mentorship, and teaching ministers how to fight for social justice. I will still be very involved in the organization and am proud that we have chosen Rev. Dr. Haynes as my successor.” 

2. Help and Hope for Student Loan Borrowers 

Help and Hope for Student Loan Borrowers  Source:Getty

Help and Hope for Student Loan Borrowers 

What You Need to Know:

 “Keep Hope Alive” as the aforementioned Rev. Jesse Jackson would say, as the Biden Administration announced a new opportunity to relieve student loan debt. The Department of Education revealed updated efforts to forgive $39 billion for over 800,000 student loan borrowers.

 The Biden administration has stressed that this is not a reaction to the recent Supreme Court decision, which denied the president’s student loan forgiveness program. Supporters prefer to describe this as a technical fix for over 804,000 Americans who had Income-Driven Repayment Loans (IDR). In this loan program, designed as a safety net for low-income borrowers, they agreed to pay a certain percentage of income each month, and if payments were made regularly for 20 years, the loans were said to be forgiven.

3. First Lady Jill Biden and Mary J. Blige Team Up For Cancer Prevention

First Lady Jill Biden and Mary J. Blige Team Up For Cancer Prevention Source:Getty

First Lady Jill Biden and Mary J. Blige Team Up For Cancer Prevention

What You Need to Know:

 The Biden Administration’s cancer prevention and treatment initiative just received celebrity support from superstar Mary J. Blige. The singer joined First Lady Jill Biden and the American Cancer Society to announce national meetings on breast and cervical cancer. The cancer society pledged to convene events after the president and first lady resurrected the “Cancer Moonshot” initiative this year. The program provides more money for research to “help us end cancer as we know it. For good,” said Jill Biden.

 R&B singer Mary J. Blige talked about losing aunts and other family members to breast, cervical, and lung cancer. She has promoted breast cancer screening through the Black Women’s Health Imperative, especially among Black women disproportionately affected. Blige blamed the misconceptions about mammograms among Black women and “the practice of not wanting other people in our business” for the disparities in breast cancer outcomes between Blacks and whites.

4. Bystander Video Catches Officers’ Violent Arrest of Black Woman 

Bystander Video Catches Officers’ Violent Arrest of Black Woman  Source:Getty

Bystander Video Catches Officers’ Violent Arrest of Black Woman 


 What You Need to Know:

On June 24 in Lancaster, California, a bystander recorded a video of a deputy violently tackling a Black woman while she filmed a man being handcuffed. That video has gone viral and was recorded by local visual artist Lisa Michelle Garrett, who will be joining us live on “It’s Sybil“, Monday at 7 pm/6 pm Central.

 According to Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna, deputies responded to a robbery in progress, a 9-1-1 call from a grocery store employee said that two customers assaulted “loss prevention employees.” In an over five-minute bystander video, a deputy grabbed the woman by the neck and violently threw her to the ground while she filmed the man’s arrest on a cellphone. The woman was then pepper sprayed and the deputy put his knee on her back while handcuffing her. In the bodycam video, the woman yells “I can’t breathe,” while the man tells the other deputy that the woman has cancer. Allegedly, the two are married and were suspected of stealing a cake. The man arrested was cited for resisting and delaying an officer, petty theft, or attempted petty theft and interfering with a business. The woman arrested was cited for assaulting an officer and battery after assaulting loss prevention personnel. 

5. Patience

Patience Source:Getty



 What You Need to Know:

 The definition of PATIENCE is to endure discomfort without complaining.  The spiritual meaning of PATIENCE is very similar. Patience in the Bible is the ability to endure difficult people and situations without giving into anger or giving up hope.  Patience is tied to your level of FAITH.  If you have strong faith in God and what he can and will do in your life, you can have more patience because you already know He is going to come through for you. 

 A couple of individuals in the Bible, if they were alive could testify to that.  One person is Job.  Over a period of time, he lost possessions, children, and a couple’s health and he still refused to curse God after his friends encouraged him to.  Instead, he prayed for his friends and God then restored Job’s possessions and gave him twice what he had before (Job 42:10). 

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