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Former President George H.W. Bush would have been 99 (41st President died in 2018)


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The post Sybil Wilkes ‘What You Need To Know:’ United States of America v. Trump — Brittney Griner Accosted — Husband Was Taken Hostage appeared first on Black America Web.

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1. The United States of America v. Donald Trump

The United States of America v. Donald Trump Source:Getty

What You Need to Know:


The indictment of Donald Trump was announced Thursday evening, by Donald Trump on his social media site. The former president was indicted in the federal criminal probe into his handling of classified records from his presidency after he left office. 


The case was unsealed Friday afternoon in South Florida. In the original information about the indictment, Donald Trump was listed as a criminal defendant charged with at least seven counts involving Obstruction of Justice, Conspiracy, and violating the Espionage Act for Illegal Retention of classified government material, while also taking steps to hide records. The full 45-plus-page indictment listed 37 felony charges. 

2. Brittney Griner Accosted by Social Media Troll in Dallas

Brittney Griner Accosted by Social Media Troll in Dallas Source:Getty

What You Need to Know:


WNBA player Brittney Griner was confronted by a right wing media gadfly, while she and her Phoenix Mercury teammates were in her home state of Texas at the Dallas-Fort Worth International airport Saturday morning. After playing two games against the WNBA’s Dallas Wings, the All-Star center and her team were on their way to Indianapolis, when they were recorded by YouTuber Alex Stein.


Alex Stein gained some notoriety for his videos during which he is often seen harassing politicians. In this case, Stein is seen on his YouTube channel, asking Griner why she “hates” and wants to “boycott” America, also referencing the “Merchant of Death,” Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout. Ms. Griner was released from a Russian prison in December in a prisoner swap, the American basketball player for Bout.


Mercury team mate Brianna Turner tweeted that people were following the Phoenix team with cameras, while shouting “wild remarks” at them. Adding, “Our team nervously huddled in a corner, unsure how to move about.”

3. Surprising Facts About Alzheimer’s and Black People

Surprising Facts About Alzheimer’s and Black People Source:Getty

What You Need to Know:


You may not be surprised that the African American population typically has more risk factors for dementia. Even those they share with different ethnicities and multiracial people, affect the race disproportionately. Some risk factors lead to others. Many are unavoidable, but some could be lessened with better education and resources within mainly black communities.


Age: The risk of developing Alzheimer’s increases as you get older, with the highest risk after age 85. We should note that Caucasians still have a longer lifespan, on average, compared to Blacks, but that the life expectancy gap has narrowed significantly in recent years.


High Blood Pressure: More black men are diagnosed with hypertension than white males. The disparity between black and white women is even more significant.

4. Wife Reported Husband Was Taken Hostage and the Police Ignored Them

Wife Reported Husband Was Taken Hostage and the Police Ignored Them Source:Getty

On June 2, Talija Campbell received a concerning text message from her husband, Qualin. The father of two sent his location and a photo of an unknown White man sitting next to him in his car, followed by “911” and “Send Please!”


Mrs. Campbell called 911 just before 1 p.m. to report that her husband was taken hostage, then described his car and his location, which was about one mile from the Colorado Springs Police Department Headquarters. Mrs. Campbell was transferred to two Colorado Springs Police dispatchers, who said an officer would check it out and get back to her.


Sensing no urgency, Mrs. Campbell drove to the location, immediately recognized her husband’s company car, then fell to her knees and screamed once she saw her husband slumped over inside the car alongside another man.


Others gathered at the scene and questioned opening the car door because the unknown man appeared to be unconscious with no visible injuries but had a gun in his lap. Mrs. Campbell decided to open the door to save her bleeding husband but found no pulse. Mr. Campbell’s uncle, who also went to the scene, called the police to report Mr. Qualin’s death at 2:09 p.m. and the Colorado Springs Police finally responded.

5. God is the Ultimate Refuge

God is the Ultimate Refuge Source:Storyblocks Enterprise

What You Need to Know:



REFUGE by definition means a place that provides shelter or protection from danger or distress. That place can be a building, city, state, or country designed and designated to hold people safely in an emergency situation.  In the Bible, GOD is our REFUGE. Psalm 46:1 reads, “God is our refuge and our strength,  A very present help in our trouble.”  He is our SAFE PLACE where we can go when we are scared.  Yes, Christians can be attacked by the spirit of fear too, but we can overcome it by allowing God to be our refuge, our protection from fear. 

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