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If you thought John McEnroe’s penchant for outbursts ended with his 2006 retirement, you’re sorely mistaken.

The tennis great has found a new opponent: Travis Scott.

The only thing the two figures have in common is their Nike association, and it’s now a source of contention because of McEnroe’s wannabe involvement in the rapper’s Cactus Jack line.

In a leaked Zoom call –and what could be a publicity stunt– McEnroe is yelling at Scott for refusing to rename the Cactus Jack line to Cactus Mac.

“God damn it, Travis,” McEnroe can be heard saying, despite Scott’s retorting that the Cactus Mac name was never approved.

“Come on, man! Show some respect! This is my shoe!” McEnroe says.

A typically relaxed Scott shows no remorse for his decision and points to his young fans for the reasoning behind his decision, saying, “We ain’t trying to take none of that away from you. Ain’t trying to disrespect. I ain’t trying to do anything like that. Trust me, I know more about the value of the shoe than anybody else. But right now, the young ragers really the ones kind of pushing me for what is going on right now. I mean, you got to trust me on this.”

The clip ends with McEnroe storming off as others in the Zoom call wonder what the hell is happening.

The well-orchestrated beef took another turn on Sunday when McEnroe appeared on The People Gallery’s Instagram, known for capturing the street style of your favorite celebs.

McEnroe brushes over most of his ‘fit, asking viewers to pay special attention to his signature Nike Mac Attack kicks in a white/black/grey colorway with a stitched Cactus Jack logo on the back that has the word Jack crossed out and replaced with Mac.

The Mac Attack debuted as McEnroe’s signature shoe back in 1984, and the tennis great just wants to be recognized for kicking off the shoe’s newfound popularity.

“I was wearing these things in the 80s before this guy was born,” McEnroe says when asked about his heated exchange with the Houston-born rap star. “All of a sudden, Travis Scott’s got this thing, Cactus Jack. So I just made it Cactus Mac. I mean, cmon, I just want a little respect. That’s all I’m asking.”

The “beef” continued when Travis was seen defacing a commemorative McEnroe plaque at Nike’s headquarters in Oregon by spray painting his Cactus Jack smiley face over it.

See how social media is reacting to the alleged beef below.

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