LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. As the critics discuss DaBaby‘s projected sales for his new project, the rappers’s name is once again being linked to some of the drama surrounding his ex-girlfriend and child’s mother, DaniLeigh. Rumors about her appearance on Wild ‘n Out started to spread. It was […]

He is also being investigated for assault with a deadly weapon due to Brandon being kicked in the head while on the ground.

As always Lore’l is coming through with “The Lo Down,” and the latest headlines to make it in her report are sure to keep you well-versed on what’s going down in our culture. We’re starting off the week with a whole lot of drama! Rapper DaBaby and mother of his child, Danileigh got into an […]

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While it appeared that DaBaby and DaniLeigh were music's latest cute couple, the Twitter streets are saying that the pair are split and the reactions are as unkind as you can imagine.

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Singer DaniLeigh appears to be digging herself a deeper hole with another apology stemming from the “Yellow Bone” controversy.

DaniLeigh is facing backlash for previewing her new single "Yellow Bone," and people quickly began to dissect the song's questionable meaning. Fans are livid claiming that the Miami singer, born to two Dominican parents, should not be creating a "light skinned girl" anthem.

Plus it looks like DaniLeigh finally claimed her baby! Catch up with The Lo Down with Lore'l!

It appears that many on the sidelines believe that the Charlotte, N.C. rapper and father of two young children will eventually go back to being a family man.