Damar Hamlin, who suffered a catastrophic injury on Monday Night Football a week ago, has been officially discharged from the Cincinnati hospital. According to a report, he's headed back to Buffalo to continue his recovery.

Michael Vick's Leading A Docuseries on The History Of Black Quarterbacks.

Former Miami Dolphins Head Coach Brian Flores has filed a lawsuit against the NFL and three teams, the New York Giants, Denver Broncos, and his former team Miami Dolphins, accusing them of racial discrimination.


This Ex-NFL player has died while in the custody of police in Alabama after being arrested for an altercation. Glenn Foster Jr. the 31 years old African-American male and former professional football player for the New Orleans Saints back in 2013 was arrested Saturday, December 4, 2021 in Alabama during a high speed chase. He was caught going 90 […]

After a series of emails were flagged by the NFL and sent to the Las Vegas Raiders, Gruden stepped down as head coach of the team, prompting many online to remind the world that Colin Kaepernick was indeed correct about the league's widespread racism.

The details surrounding NFL star Richard Sherman's arrest early Wednesday morning near Seattle are indeed disturbing, but not as disturbing as they could be since he is still alive to tell about it.

On Tuesday (Apr 20), the NFL team took to Twitter to weigh on the reactions to the highly controversial trial with a tone-deaf tweet in an attempt to show solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement, and instead ended getting dragged over the highly insensitive post.

With all the talk of ex-football players suffering from CTE and hurting others when they're not hurting themselves, we can't rule out the possibility that Jackson was suffering from the condition.