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Since going viral earlier this year with his Platinum-selling hit “Favorite Song,” Toosii has been on a one-track mission to challenge the reigning champ Drake for his “certified loverboy” crown on the charts. By the way fans have been responding to his new album, Naujour, all signs are definitely pointing towards superstardom.

However, let’s just hope the Poetic Pain rapper learned his lesson on how to the treat the ladies before the start of his upcoming NauJour Tour based on his last experience on the road with R&B sensation Summer Walker.



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The 23-year-old entertainer rides the wave between hip-hop and R&B, much like many of his peers in the game. However, not everything in the live performance playbook works for both sides of the musical spectrum.

For a quick segment of “My First Time,” Toosii shares a very valuable lesson he learned when it comes to playing to the room. In short, the water-throwing energy that works for a Rolling Loud crowd might not be the same enthusiasm you reserve for say, a front row of ladies looking to hear serenading slow jams.

We’ll let Toosii tell it.

Watch below to catch Toosii on “My First Time” breaking down the lesson he had to learn the hard way while on his first tour with Summer Walker:




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