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Eleven-year-old A’Myah Moon sat courtside at the Mavericks vs Pacers game Sunday and made the memory of a lifetime thanks to Pacers center Myles Turner.

A’Myah, who is reportedly battling a rare form of cancer, made headlines after the traumatizing moment when a classmate ripped off her wig in school. After his mother shared A’Myah’s story with him, Pacers center Myles Turner invited A’Myah and her family to attend the game.

According to Dallas News, Turner and A’Myah shared a personal moment on the Pacers’ bench after he warmed up for the game. They talked about “Space Jam,” took a selfie, talked about how was also bullied in middle school, and Turner offered her some advice about strength and poise moving forward.He wrote “Be Kind Always” on his sneakers along with A’Myah’s name, leaving her with a big smile. Turner posted a glimpse of the sweet interaction on Twitter saying it’s “bigger than basketball.”

“The reason I do this isn’t for the cameras and that kind of stuff,” Turner told the Dallas News. “Kids see us, and we’re larger than life. They see us out on the floor, kind of like superheroes in a sense, doing what we do. When they see us [up close] in person, it’s like, you realize I’m just a human being like you are, too, so I think getting that one-on-one time to talk to her like that is important.”

A’Myah was diagnosed with Castleman disease on Christmas Eve 2018. She received chemotherapy, causing her hair loss, before returning to school in October of 2019.

During gym class last month, another student ripped off her wig and threw it on the ground in front of her entire class, leaving A’Myah “devastated,” according to her mother, Syreeta Smith.

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