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Everyone thinks they’re an expert of something until it’s time to be put to the test —especially when it comes to music. Besides Youtube, there aren’t a lot of outlets where you can go back and do your history on music that isn’t mainstream, bubble gum Pop. Which is why the recent Instagram Live battles between some of our favorite artists have been so impactful to the culture. 

It started with the hip hop beat battle that we’ve been waiting for for years with Timbaland and Swizz Beatz.  But there can’t be a music battle representing the culture without paying an ode to good ole Rhythm and Blues. Over the weekend, two of the biggest songwriters of our generation, The Dream and Sean Garrett, went head to head playing some of their greatest classics for the world to see.

Lots of folks left the live talking about Sean Garrett’s weird antics — but the music and memories it brought back was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before on.

The following day, the R&B battle train just kept moving with Neyo vs. Johnta Austin. Talk about grown and sexy. 

Some folks are just learning that certain artists wrote certain songs, or that certain artists had so many bangers. 

Which poses the question, how much do you really know about R&B? Take the quiz below and check your R&B level of expertise by matching the lyric with the correct song.

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