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Is there ever an acceptable occasion for anyone that isn’t Black to use The N-Word?

If your answer was anything other than a swift “HELL NO!” then we’re already looking at you sideways, which is why we can’t help but give the stank face to white councilman John “Tommy” Bryant for his reiteration of the racial slur during a recent city council meeting in Tarrant City, Alabama.

As depicted in a short video clip that was captured during the viral moment of vitriol (seen above), Bryant uses The N-Word to “rephrase” what he claims Tarrant Mayor Waymon Newton said in reference to a resident woman.

Here’s a bit more context by way of CBS 42:

“Before the outburst, neighbors asked Bryant about controversial social media posts allegedly made by his wife about race. After being questioned, Bryant stood up and can be heard saying:

‘The n-word. The n-word. Let’s get to the n-word. Hey. Do we have a house n***** in here? Do we? Hey. Would she please stand up?’ Bryant said.

Another person on the city council, who can not be seen on the camera, also chimes in.

‘That’s what Mrs. Freeman was called,’ the woman said.

Bryant then claimed that he was repeating language used by the Tarrant mayor during a past executive session.

‘That’s what the mayor called her. What do y’all think about that? Huh? Y’all like that?’ Bryant said.

Neighbors like [Waynette] Bonham said that even if Bryant was repeating the word, he should not have used it.”

Of course, Bryant doesn’t see anything wrong with how or what he said, telling reporters during a recent interview, “It is ok for me to repeat it because as I said before, I wanted everybody to know what the mayor had said. He said it in a derogatory manner, I said it so that people would know what the mayor said.”  Not only is he “absolutely not” planning on resigning, but he even was quoted as stating, “I may even consider running for mayor next time.”

Watch the clip of Alabama councilman Tommy Bryant boldly “paraphrasing” The N-Word above, and let us know what you think should be done in this situation.


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