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During his very controversial interview on Drink Champs, Kanye West took numerous shots at his fellow rap peers throughout the sit-down and one of those caught in the barrage of bullets has decided to respond to something that Ye said that many overlooked at the moment.


A few days ago, Talib Kweli took to Instagram to clap back at Kanye but didn’t necessarily respond to Yeezy admitting that “I never f*cked with” with Talib’s raps, but instead addressed that Kanye revealed he used the “backpacker” community to propel himself to rap stardom even though he never considered himself a backpack rapper.

“I’m sorry to all the backpack community, due to the fact that I was from the streets but I never killed anybody, it was just easier for me to pose like a backpacker but I actually really love street n****s,” Kanye revealed. “I don’t really listen to backpack music like that… I posed like a backpacker,” while bursting into laughter.

It took a minute but Kweli seems to have taken issue with Kanye using the backpack section of the Hip-Hop community and on an IG post called Kanye a “Poser” while throwing up the clip of that revelation though he left out when Ye eventually said “I apologize, once again, to Kweli. I’m sorry I never f*cked with your raps.” Writing in the caption “Real question- since when did we celebrate posers in hip-hop? I don’t even know whether to laugh or be offended anymore,” Talib seems to have a bone to pick with Kanye over his past portrayal of a backpacking rapper.

The man even walked around with Louie V bookbags and everything to complete the look. SMH.

Check out the post below and let us know what you think about Kanye’s revelation and Talib’s response in the comments below.


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