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Halloween Ends

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Michael Meyers is still running around in a white man mask killing people but apparently his number is about to be up as Halloween Ends promises to be his final swan song.

Yesterday fans of the classic horror film franchise got the first trailer to the David Gordon Green directed film and it looks like Michael will once be throwing down with his sister, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), but this time it’s for all the marbles that Mikey’s lost over the decades. Taking place three years after the events of Halloween Kills (which dropped last year actually), the trailer to Halloween Ends doesn’t offer much in plot details other than that Michael Meyers is once again terrorizing the citizens of Haddonfield, Illinois, but given the film’s title, it may be the last time he does.

Filled with violence, screams, and a whole lot of people getting choked by Mikey Mittens, Halloween Ends seems like it’s going to be one helluva last ride through the streets of Haddonfield. Might have to call in Busta Rhymes to help out on this one cause Lord knows he’s probably the only Black man alive that can survive a night in Halloween.

Check out the trailer to Halloween Ends below and let us know if you’ll be catching it when it hits theaters on October 14th.

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