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The fallout from Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s testimony last year continues to carry over in 2020. Yet another one of his former homies has been sentenced to damn near two decades in prison for the work he put in for the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.


The New York Post is reporting that Judge Paul Engelmayer sentenced Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack to 17-years in prison for the charges of drug dealing and racketeering even after Mack’s former Bushwick High School teacher reached out to the judge asking for a very much lighter sentence. To add a little salt to the wound, Judge Engelmayer told Mack that had he pleaded guilty to the charges off the bat, he would’ve “reduced his sentence by several years.”

“Remember this moment,” the judge told Mack when lecturing him to take responsibility for his crimes.

We’re not sure that was a necessary thing to tell someone when you’ve already basically broken down any hope they might’ve had of leniency, but we’re not surprised given the history of this judicial system and it’s gatekeepers.

The judge also seemed unswayed by Bushwick teacher/dean Pedro Sierra, who wrote a letter to the judge in support of Aljermiah Mack and requested Mack by ordered to work as a mentor for local youth instead of being sent to prison. Yeah, y’all knew that wasn’t going to fly at all. Still, Sierra tried his best to describe Mack as a respectful man who had much more to offer than prison labor.

Sierra wrote that he met Mack while teaching at the school in 2000, and found that he treated “me and the other adults with the utmost respect.”

“I know deep down in my soul, if giving the opportunity Mr. Mack will spend his time giving back to our community,” Sierra wrote.

He added that Mack could “start” at the school’s campus if he avoids prison, and help impoverished students there.

“Many of the students are also facing many of the same traps Mr. Mack has faced, however, Mr. Mack will be able to help them avoid it,” Sierra wrote.

“In this day and age many of the students will listen to someone who is well respected in the community as Mr. Mack,” he added.

While Mack pleaded not guilty to charges that included selling fentanyl mixed with heroin, Tekashi “Henry Hill” 6ix9ine fingered him as one of the Bloods shot calling bosses and pretty much sealed his fate.

Tekashi meanwhile is said to be ready to reap the benefits of his snitching ways and can find his way back home as soon as this summer, but best believe he won’t be getting a hero’s welcome when he does. Heck, we might never hear from Tekashi again and that really might be best for everyone at the end of the day because them lips ain’t just loose, but his bars are struggle like a MF. Just sayin.’



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