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Kendrick Lamar has a word about investments in a new sketch performance posted on pgLang for Cash App. The short video was posted two days ago on the pgLang’s Instagram, encouraging viewers to invest in themselves. Check out the video below.

Kendrick Lamar’s music production company pgLang teams up with Cash App to share a brief lesson in financial literacy. The sketch performance directed by Dave Free is a depiction of three men discussing proper money management and investment strategy. K Dot serves as a middle man and translator between the other two men featured in the video. Social media influencer and content creator Exavier TV’s shadow introduces the video explaining his plans to invest in a local barbershop.

“I was 2 bands away of getting bro whole barbershop,” Exavier TV says. “Man where the dice at. I’m ready to shoot.”

He continues talking about gambling some of his earnings when Kendrick asks, “then what happened.”

Exavier sadly responds, “Peanut is what happened.”

Kendrick goes on to translate what Exavier shared about his money management saying, “He saved up his money to get a local barbershop. He then made a friendly business wager with Peanut in hopes to secure more money for his business. But eventually losing it all with one roll of the dice.”

The Compton rapper asks entrepreneur, founder and best-selling author Ray Dalio what he thinks.

“I think votality is his problem,” Dalio explains. “I don’t think he understands how to compound his talents and how it could compound his money. What I mean is if you just take big bets like that, you’ll blow it all.”

The mission of the video is evidently about investing in yourself. Dalio continues to share his perspective, saying, “You should invest in yourself man and then you’ll learn more. And when you learn more, you’ll also make more. And it compouhds. You could have two barbershops. You could have 10 businesses, if you know how to compound.”

Kendrick serves as the messenger once again to translate what Dalio has said in a way that we all can understand it.

“Basically what he’s saying is: Slow money wins the race,” Kendrick elaborates. “You can still have a big upside even if you don’t throw all your chips in the bag. Invest in yourself. You don’t need to invest in the dice.”

He continues with this gem, “Anybody that’s made a lot of money, didn’t make it fast.”

The video ends with text across the screen: Investing in yourself. That’s money.

We love this important conversation. Kendrick Lamar is bridging the gap between his community and the money makers, by sharing the wealth of knowledge he’s gained by entering a different tax bracket. That’s the way you build and expand community. Shout out K Dot and pgLang! Visit the pgLang site for updates on upcoming projects and announcements.

Watch the video below:

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