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Every once and a while, we all need someone to humble us. Even if you’ve sold over 70 million records worldwide and have numerous Grammys, Billboard and American Music Awards under your belt, it’s always good to know that you have friends that will remind you not to take yourself too seriously all of the time. Toni Braxton shared a hilarious exchange between her and one of her good friends in the music industry.

Braxton visited The Jennifer Hudson Show last week (November 23). She shared how the Braxton family approaches Thanksgiving, explaining that they have cookoffs and that the family is so big that for this year in particular, they would be celebrating in person and virtually on Zoom. She continued by telling a story about a time that her sister Tamar brought chitterlings on a plane…in a Chanel bag and Prince asked about it.

After the food talk was over, Jennifer asked Toni if she thinks a lot of babies have been born to her music. Braxton responded by saying she hears it all the time but she doesn’t get it because her songs are sad love songs. She then goes on to share a conversation she had with the iconic Brooklyn rapper Lil Kim where Kim asked her to sing at her wedding.

“She came up to me one day, she’s like ‘Toni, girl I love you. When I get married, I want you to sing at my wedding.’ And I said, Kimmy, you don’t want me to sing, I don’t have any happy love songs.” Braxton continued to detail the moment, explaining Lil Kim asked her to sing “You Mean The World To Me.”

As Toni tried to explain to Kim that the song wouldn’t be a good song for the occasion, Kim hysterically responded and said “Girl, can’t nobody understand what you say, just sing the song.” The moment had both Hudson and Braxton dying of laughter.

They weren’t the only ones who found it funny though. After catching wind of the story, in their true fashion, Twitter users chimed in with their comical opinions.

This hilarious exchange shows a few things: Black people are always thinking the same things, Black people aren’t afraid to tell you what they’re thinking and Black people love them some Toni Braxton!

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