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The trailer for the third season of Power Book II: Ghost finally dropped. And from the looks of it, protagonist Tariq St. Patrick (played by Michael Rainey) is becoming more like his deceased father than even ‘Riq can see. During one specific scene from the two-minute clip below, Tariq’s grandmother Estelle even tells him how much he moves like the late and wily James “Ghost” St. Patrick.

But reminiscent of their hostile relationship while James was alive, Tariq shoots down the idea he and his father are any kind of alike. “I’m not like my dad,” ‘Riq says as he and Estelle stand before James’ tombstone. “I’m smarter than him…I’m better than him.”

Over the first two seasons of Power Book II: Ghost, fans have seen just how much Tariq takes after his dad. From their similarities in dress, business moves and choices in running mate, the apple has not fallen that far from the tree — despite however much the apple may deny it.

“Yeah, I feel like that’s his father, so they’re the same– like that’s in their blood,” Rainey admitted to CASSIUS about two-and-a-half years ago. “It’s kind of like inevitable for Tariq to follow in Ghost’s footsteps and the thing about it is Tariq is so similar to Ghost that he doesn’t even notice it.”

“So that’s like the scarier part for him,” the Staten Island product added. “Because he doesn’t recognize how dangerous or crazy he can be because he’s focused so much on trying not to be like his father.”

Power Book II: Ghost officially returns Friday, March 17, which fittingly is also St. Patrick’s Day. Learn more about what lies in store for Tariq’s future and Rainey’s by reading the actor’s recent Young Icons cover interview here.

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