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Since the lockdown hit more than three months ago, we’ve been at home doing our best to maintain our edges and our skin…on our own. And for Keke Palmer, who was ready to get back into the beauty fold, she did just that, as her facialist’s office reopened back up. But…she had a tiny incident, thanks to an aggressive dermaplaning session.

See, the procedure (which is one of my favorites) uses a tiny blade to manually exfoliate dead skin cells from the face. But for the actress and GMA co-host, her session got a tad too aggressive and left her without her beautiful baby hairs!

Palmer, who admits her skin is glowing thanks to the scapel, took to Instagram to state her case.

“I just got a facial from this lady,” Palmer said on Sunday. “My skin was acting up —it’s acting up again — and I love the facial. As you can see, the skin is glowing. I mean, whoa. I have a lot of hair on my skin that contributes to me having acne — trying to tweeze it, trying to get rid of it, whatever.”

“She got all up in there, removed a lot of that hair. You know, was getting in good,” she says. “But when she was getting the hair, getting my little fur beard lightweight, she ended up also getting my baby hairs. My baby hairs! She took ’em!”




Now, we know that sis has been growing her hair out too. Just take a look at her length check last week with her natural hair:



Hopefully, her edges will grow back in and her skin will continue to glow, but next time, they better lay off her edges!


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